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I want to know what you think!

Please ask yourself this question:

When was the last time a political candidate solicited - and responded to - your opinion?

I am not talking about the form letter you get as a reply to your letter to an existing officeholder.  Most of the letters I have gotten state that the senator or congressman has such and such an opinion, which is why he is going to proceed with what he is currently doing.  Since you disagree, you ought to just go sit in a corner somewhere and not bother him (or her).

No, I am talking about a politician, a candidate, an elected official, or even a judge who reached out and solicited your opinion and then engaged in a conversation on that issue.

Never?  That would be my experience. 

Well, not quite; in a conversation with my Congressman several years ago he actually acknowledged his mistake in voting to repeal the Glass–Steagall Act.  (He was a Republican and should have known better.)

That is one of the reasons why for years I have been soliciting the opinions of people I encounter of every political stripe and philosophy.  I want to know why they think the way they do, whether they sincerely believe what they are saying, whether their opinions and ideas are informed or uninformed, and whether they are simply pushing an agenda put forth by someone else.

I have extended that to my campaign for President, and the results have been very helpful.  I have heard from many people both by phone and email as well as in person regarding their views on the issues.  All of your ideas, and especially your informed opinions and sources, help me in formulating my own ideas.  Remember, I am an analyst by training and profession; I want to know the truth about things that are important to the people of the United States.  I do not have all the answers, and do not have time to find all the answers.

There is an awful lot of “noise” today.  That noise comes from millions of Americans who feel they have lost control over their future, whose ability to provide for themselves and their families is becoming increasingly precarious, and who are concerned about the future.  These are the people who are concerned about what our government at all levels has become.

This noise is unfocused; the Internet and social media only amplify rather than clarify it.  I want to reach those people and show them how we can live happier, more productive lives by rediscovering values and principles we may have dropped by the wayside.

I greatly appreciate your input, even when you disagree with me.  We may not agree, but we both have a God-given right to our opinions.

I want to be the President who does for America what America really needs, which is nothing less than a rebirth of freedom and a return to the values and principles the Progressives have told us are worthless and of no significance.

You have probably seen and read several of my articles and publications, including my two books on Constitutional issues.  I put these together using the best information available to me and applying my analytical skills to sifting through that information.

I hope you have noticed that when I reply to your ideas, opinions, and suggestions I may come back with other research and information I have run across. My thoughts may differ from what you have shared with me.  This is the beginning of dialogue, which I believe ought to be happening all across the country.  Americans ought to be sufficiently well-informed and well educated to be knowledgeable of and interested in many subjects.  Unfortunately, many of us are not.  Those of us who are products of the American public school system often share a common disadvantage, in that in one or more ways our education was “dumbed down” by those in control of our curriculum.

I try to remedy that by pursuing a policy of lifelong learning.  I am not a speed reader, but I have a goal of reading 16 nonfiction books every year, in addition to approximately 2000 articles from various sources.

For example, several years ago I took a university course in Historical Methods to sharpen my research and writing skills.  The class focused on World War I, and for my presentation at the end of the semester I chose to focus on Woodrow Wilson and the Versailles Treaty.  It was a terrific choice, for in reading or scanning approximately three dozen books I was able to form an opinion of Wilson and of Progressivism that I would not have gained in any other way.

I just finished reading The Politics of Bad Faith by David Horowitz.  This book put the final piece in the puzzle as to why Progressives do the terrible things they do in the name of creating a utopia.  I had read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, and subsequently the David Horowitz pamphlet Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution.  In the latter I came to understand that Progressives have no plan up build the utopia they promise.  They have no plan because they are not interested in what society looks like.  All they want is complete control over it.

The Politics of Bad Faith is David Horwitz’ own “conversion story” from Communism, with which he grew up, to the strong anti-Communist stance which he holds today.  The key to that book is understanding that “real” Communists/Socialists/Progressives actually believe that Marx was correct.  They believe that capitalism is evil, and that our Constitution is a document of oppression and violence.  They believe that, as Marx opined, that everyone must be equal so that we may have a utopia.  They are not talking about equality of opportunity; they are talking about equality of outcome, which of course is impossible.

This kind of knowledge is essential to our constitutional republic and to every American.  You cannot defend something you know nothing about.  The conservative movement has failed repeatedly because there is so much noise and so little unified effort to defend truth and freedom.  I asked for your help in changing this.  Most of the hundreds of Americans I have spoken with over the past dozen years have acknowledged their lack of education in the Constitution and the principles of freedom.  I want to help us change that.  I love this country and I love my freedom.  I believe you do to, or else you would not be listening to what I have to say.

Let us work together and begin the long process of reversing all the gains of Progressivism and putting this great nation back on the path of freedom.

Charles W. Kraut

Lexington, Virginia

22 April 2020