How do you replace and suppress truth?

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by Charles W. Kraut

September 2020


I wrote this article to help all Americans clarify in our minds what is happening in the Free World today and exactly why it is happening.

In this series of articles[1], originally written exclusively for members of the Howard Phillips Legacy Society,  I am creating the most important story of our lifetime, one that should be read by every American and discussed in our families and in all our interactions with those around us.

Why is this “story” so important? Because in it I am sharing the inescapable conclusions drawn from decades of research and study, personal contact with many famous people, and a single-minded focus on truth. I am peeling back the lid on the deepest, darkest conspiracy in history, a fight we are losing to the forces of darkness because we are not actively engaged.

 I hope you will share this article with your friends and family and with anyone who might be interested.

This is what I will discuss in the following pages:


1. What is America?

2. What is Progressivism?

3. Why would Progressives wish to destroy America?

4. Why have we so easily succumbed to Progressive ideas?

5. What is the Narrative, and how has it upended our society?

6. What can we do to re-enshrine truth and correct principles?

What is America?

I focus on the United States because of our uniqueness and our exceptionalism.  We are the only country in history to have invented ourselves.  After our incredible victory over the greatest army and navy in the world in the American Revolution, Americans were divided as to what sort of nation we would have.  There were those who believed each state could become its own nation, self-governing and independent.  Others knew that if America were to stand up to the colonizing efforts of France, Spain, Portugal, England, and others, America needed to be a nation governed by law, where each state would be part of a greater whole.

That concept of unity under a national flag has always been difficult to create and maintain. 

Germany, for example, broke apart into 39 kingdoms in 1806 as the Holy Roman Empire dissolved.  It did not begin to unify until the formation of the North German Confederation in 1867-1870.  The southern German states joined the Federal state in 1870-71, and that alliance became the German Empire which lasted until 1918, morphing into the Weimar Republic.

Italy became the Kingdom of Italy, with Rome as its capital, in 1861.

Canada, the Philippines, and numerous other countries today face prolonged efforts by various splinter groups to divide up the country into independent states.

The 13 Colonies had the Articles of Confederation, which had been approved on November 15, 1777 and which came into force on March 1, 1781 when all 13 colonies had ratified it.  This was a tenuous “league of friendship” that maintained state sovereignty and created a weak central government.

The Constitutional Convention of 1787 in Philadelphia

In 1787, four years after the end of the Revolution, a Constitutional Convention was called to amend the Articles of Confederation.  It was quickly decided that amendments would not succeed, and that the American government—the government of the United States—would have to go back to the beginning to determine what powers would be granted to or retained by the people, the states, and the federal government.  The document they created is our Constitution, and it was ratified in 1788.  The Bill of Rights was added in 1789.

The government established by the Constitution was not only unique; it was a divinely inspired blueprint for a society and a civilization unlike any the world had ever seen.

The Constitution followed the lead of the Declaration of Independence in affirming that there are certain unalienable rights, rights that come from God and that cannot and must not ever be infringed upon by government at any level.  The Constitution was, at its ratification, the supreme law of the land. It was initially unchallenged by the legislation and judicial rulings that would soon dissipate its lofty aims. Those actions subsequently led to a system of federal and state governments that swept away most of those freedoms and replaced them with hundreds of thousands of rulings, laws, and bureaucratic rules that stifle both legendary American initiative and our innate desire to be free to choose our own destiny.

Had we followed our Constitution—if all our judges and elected officials had been men (and women) of integrity, morality, and faith in God  - the result would have been the freest, greatest, most prosperous, and most benevolent nation on earth.  Each succeeding generation would learn truth from the Bible and the classics.  Each would be taught the necessity of preserving and defending freedom from enemies without and oppressive governments and leaders within.  We were not a democracy, and therefore not subject to mob rule; we were a constitutional republic under the rule of law.  Our government was severely restricted in its activities to those things which would secure to ourselves and our posterity the blessings of liberty.  It was always the responsibility of the citizens of our Republic to hold our leaders accountable for their actions.

What is Progressivism?

Progressivism is a polite name for Marxism.  Its aims, intent, and philosophy are in complete harmony with the teachings of Marx and Engels, as practiced by Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and others.

Marx believed that a worldwide revolution of the proletariat would take place as the poor, downtrodden, exploited masses would rise up against their bourgeoisie masters and destroy capitalism with all its pretended evils to usher in a new world which, sadly, Marx did not define because he had no idea what it would look like.  Marx’s thinking was similar to that of John Brown, who foolishly believed that the uprising he began at Harpers Ferry would somehow be communicated to the hundreds of thousands of slaves in the United States.  Brown believed that those slaves would rise up and overthrow their masters. 

Neither event took place.  Why not? For different reasons.  In the case of John Brown, slaves in the South had no way of knowing an uprising was beginning to try to free them.  They had not consented to such an uprising, were not organized, and had not the means to prosecute such an action.

In the case of Karl Marx, who never in his life witnessed firsthand the plight of the working man, the revolution he predicted and worked toward never happened in part because the capitalist system in which the downtrodden working classes labored still provided them with more security and a higher standard of living than they had ever known. 

To that end, early on the Progressive movement ingratiated itself among the working classes by getting legislation passed regarding the maximum number of hours to be worked each day and each week, restrictions on child labor, mine and factory safety, and more, all of which helped to keep otherwise unrestrained predatory capitalism in check.  Keep in mind, such legislation had little effect on the profitability of the capitalist system. 

As an aside, it is important when we hear strident and repeated calls to destroy capitalism because of the rise of the “1%,” that capitalism is like a rising tide; it raises all boats.  Given a relatively free hand, the excesses and monopolistic tendencies and the environmental destruction we sometimes see in capitalism could and would all be mitigated by an involved and engaged populace, sometimes without government action but frequently in concert with legislative or judicial involvement.

Marx’s revolution failed, then, for a couple of reasons.  First, capitalism works.  Capitalism has created more wealth and raised more millions out of poverty and degradation than any economic system in history.

Second, Capitalism embraces basic true principles.  True, greed and avarice sometimes win out in our system, at least for a time.  However, companies properly managed and overseen by executives, boards, and active stockholders can and should ensure that corporate responsibility and good citizenship are placed upon capitalism’s altar rather than perks and bonuses for the executives and stock price manipulation at the expense of corporate viability.

A truly free market consists of buyers and sellers.  It is always in the best interests of the sellers to provide the best deal possible, for if they do not their competitors will.  Capitalism is all about “creative destruction,” in which our lives are constantly improved and our standard of living raised by new products, technology, medications, and more, invented by companies vying with each other to produce the best product at the lowest possible price.  Companies that lose their competitive edge fail and cease to exist.

Capitalism is individuals drawing upon their own initiative to create something better; Marxism is all about central planning, which has always failed and which will always fail because no central planner can know the needs, wants, and desires of the millions he rules over.  Besides, Marxism is about equality of outcomes, while capitalism is about equality of opportunity.  The universal history of Marxism is that “the shortages are divided among the peasants” —in other words, among you and me. (Thanks to Walt Kelly and Pogo for that quote.)

Why would Progressives wish to destroy America?

That is the trillion-dollar question.  This is what brings us to the Narrative, the big lie being forced upon us by the Progressives/Marxists.

Marx called for a revolution of the proletariat, the working classes of the world.  He believed it was inevitable once people realized how bad their lives were and how much better they would be under a benevolent (he supposed), wise, and all-knowing government with its central planning, faceless bureaucracies, elite Party members, and the equality that would make people free.

The revolution has not come about, but the story is by no means over. Marx did not fully realize that the proletariat would have to be whipped into a frenzy by agitators, 5th columnists, subversives, propagandists, and anarchists to bring the people to the point where they would be willing to face the superior numbers and arms of their “oppressors.”  It was relatively easy to overthrow the Czar in Russia, because for the most part he had suppressed the Duma (the legislature) and had failed in his efforts to educate the people.  In fact, Russia had advanced relatively little between the days of Peter the Great and Czar Nicholas, the last of the Romanovs.

In April 1917 Vladimir Lenin was brought back from Switzerland to Russia in a sealed train.  No one in Germany wanted him subverting them; they wanted his poisonous ideas to remain in Russia.  Those ideas had their effect, and in short order Russia was overthrown, a terrible civil war began, and Russia resigned from its participation against Germany in World War I.  Russia, and subsequently the Soviet Union, endured a long series of leaders who, including Michael Gorbachev, sustained and promoted the failed notions of the collective and equality of outcomes.  Millions suffered and died under this version of Marxism/Progressivism.

In the 1930s Germany was promised a return to its glory days if she would turn to national socialism, a slightly different version of Marxism.  Germany did, partly to leave behind them the economic devastation of World War I, the hyperinflation of 1923, and the disastrous Weimar Republic. The German people followed the siren song of German superiority and the concepts of eugenics, the master race, and the destruction of “inferior” humans.  To their credit, there were some who resisted, often to lose their lives in concentration camps, and there were many who simply went along because they were compelled to go along.

It didn’t happen here.  The United States in 1914 was still occupied by literate, reasonably well educated, mostly upright, moral, and honest people.  Yes, we had suffered under presidents like Teddy Roosevelt, a noted white supremacist who believed in the superiority of the Teutonic race, but we had not begun to adopt as a nation the corrosive influences of Progressivism.

Instead, what happened in America was a long and slow process.  Americans needed to be uprooted; torn from their past, their traditions, their beliefs, their God, their freedoms, and their way of life before they could be [compelled] to embrace godless Progressivism with its all-powerful central government.  It took time.  Teddy Roosevelt took the first steps, mostly in secret[2]. Woodrow Wilson was confronted with a Progressive agenda he initially resisted, but when he saw what a vote-getter it was he signed on[3]

Wilson got the ball rolling, and America dodged a bullet when Wilson had a stroke and was unable to continue his campaign for the Versailles Treaty and the League of Nations.[4]  America was not spared the onslaught of Progressive ideas, however.[5]  In addition, the first year of Wilson’s presidency was perhaps the worst year in American history. In 1913 the Federal Reserve Act was signed into law, and the 16th and 17th Amendments (income tax and direct election of senators) were ratified.  All three were serious blows to our constitutional republic.

Now we had two major forces acting against America and her Constitution.  First, the Progressive movement was gaining momentum as it caused Americans to question their values, their religious faith, and their exceptionalism.  Second, the Federal Reserve began its work of completely failing in its Congressionally mandated mission to preserve the value of the U.S. Dollar.

The two forces in concert greatly accelerated America’s demise.  The Federal Reserve was instrumental (and is to this day) in creating and maintaining the 1%.  The 1% and, to a great extent, the top 10% are the driving force in promoting Progressivism.  When I was growing up businesses supported Republican and conservative ideals and platforms; today, well aware of the power they wield in the public domain, they support Leftist, Socialist, Progressive, Marxist, and other anti-capitalist causes.  Like Lenin’s “useful idiots,” business executives today are both self-serving and involved in their own demise.  History tells us that after the revolution the traitors and collaborators are always executed first.

I have mentioned Bill Gates previously in my writings.  Please do some Google searches and learn about some of the dreadful campaigns he is waging with his billions all over the world, including some being reported on by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  Worse, Bill Gates has allied himself with conservative Warren Buffet, and Buffet has entrusted Gates with his billions as well.  Bill Gates, George Soros, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and so many other prominent Americans constantly promote the destruction of America and its replacement with—to paraphrase the Pledge of Allegiance—one nation under the Narrative.

Eugenics Magazine.  Note that Francis Galton was a half-cousin of Charles Darwin.

Why must America die?  Because America is the only nation whose constitution strictly prohibits Progressivism.  When America falls, the rest of the world will quickly fall—a classic application of the “domino theory.”

But why destroy a nation? Because Americans have proven resistant to falsehood and deception.  It has taken decades to erode our faith in God, and to replace morality with immorality and indecency.  It has taken hundreds of bad laws and thousands of incorrect, misguided, and inappropriate court decisions to move America off the path of freedom to the path of slavery.  Progressives have obtained one victory after another, and they can see the end in sight. On that great and terrible day Americans will be confused, misled, propagandized, and demoralized to the point that we will surrender what is left of our society and our freedom to the great god Progressivism.  Once this happens, the few who resisted will be quickly put out of the way as troublemakers, dissidents, and subversives who pose a danger to the New World Order.

Why have we so easily succumbed to Progressive ideas?

Simple answer: we haven’t.  It took decades to make our society over in the Progressive image.  Slowly but surely, truth—the truth of God, eternal truth, what we have learned from history, the entire body of human knowledge—has been replaced or suppressed by The Narrative.  The way we think about things has been fundamentally altered.  We have been taught to trust our government, and government has been altered well beyond its Constitutional limitations.  We have been taught that there is no God—after all, if there was a God would he have permitted such terrible tragedies as _______ ? (you fill in the blank)

Most of us did nothing as the Sexual Revolution, then Women’s Lib, and then the gay rights movement swept over the landscape.  We got accustomed to slipping standards of morality, decency, and even dress and grooming.  We hired an inept and incompetent government to fight the “War on Drugs” which, sadly, along with the War on Poverty, should never have been fought at the Federal level in the first place.

Now the attacks are coming at us on numerous fronts, and we are divided, opinionated, and impotent before these onslaughts.

We are succumbing more easily to each new assault. Confused and disorganized, constantly lied to by the major media, disoriented and fractured by the quantity of information available both true and untrue, we give way the more easily to mandates from all levels of government to do things or not do things for which there is no demonstrable benefit—or which fail to cure the disease and instead kill the patient.

What is the Narrative, and how has it upended our lives?

The Narrative is a man-made substitute for truth.  Think of the film The Matrix; the existence each person experienced was only a series of computer programs.  Very few people existed outside the Matrix, and they were sought out and destroyed whenever possible. Like Plato’s analogy of humans sitting chained in a cave in which our only encounter with the outside world was through shadows on a wall, the Narrative conveys to mankind only what the powers that be want us to hear, see, and experience.

The Narrative imposed upon us today begins with the two basic tenets of Progressivism:

1. There is no truth.

2. All things must be placed within their historical (or chronological) framework.

In other words, we are mortal beings with a limited lifespan, springing from nothing and having only oblivion to look forward to after this life.  Because there is nothing to guide us, those self-appointed members of the “elite” must tell us how to live each day.  They must carefully regulate our actions so that life remains pleasant - for them.

Those tenets set the stage.  If there is no truth, there is no God.  If there is no God, there is (or was) no creation.  Everything happens by sheer chance.

Can you see where this leads?  The elite see fit to control every aspect of our lives, to the extent that  the number of humans permitted on this planet at any moment in time  must also be controlled.  The elite are striving to create a paradise on earth—for themselves, of course—because they too have nothing to look forward to after they die.

This is a pattern for hopelessness and despair for all including the elite.  It makes us little more than bacteria or even viruses, having no conception of eternity nor any ability to believe in our destiny, much less control it.  Life is only made bearable for the elite as they  accumulate power and wealth, the symbols of status, as they suppose.

If you look around you, you will see the effects of that philosophy everywhere.  Poverty is on the rise, as are indebtedness, bankruptcy, broken homes, drug abuse, alcoholism, and suicide.  This is no accident; the major changes our nation has experienced during my lifetime have been carefully planned and brought about by the “elite.”

Setting aside the [entirely correct] argument that the Bible is a divinely-inspired document designed to give our lives purpose and meaning - and why we would allow ourselves to be convinced otherwise - let’s move from the tenets of Progressivism to the Narrative itself.

Here are some of the primary teachings of the Narrative as they apply to us in these United States:

1. The United States of America is a democracy.

2. Capitalism is evil.

3. We must rescue our planet from climate change.

4. There is no morality.

5. We are “on our own” in this life.  We can only turn to professional counselors and prescription drugs when we need help.

6. There is no such thing as unalienable rights.

7. It is our obligation to strive for equality of outcomes.

8. We must embrace diversity that embraces all lifestyles, all behaviors, and all gender confusion.

9. People of all races other than white people are victims of “white privilege” and must be compensated accordingly.

10. As a democracy we must eliminate borders and welcome all who come here with open arms—and lots of free goodies.

11. All nations must cease to exist, and a global government put in their place.  That’s the only way we can all be “free.”

12. Republicans and conservatives are corrupt, greedy, vicious, and conspiratorial.  They should all be imprisoned or even exterminated.

13. Democrats and Progressives are the only people worthy to live.  They never lie, cheat, steal, mislead, deceive, or act in bad faith—except when serving “the greater good.”  They are above the law because they are superior beings.

14. Those who believe in God—any God—are a danger to society and must be carefully controlled.  To enforce the “wall of separation of church and state,” all people of faith must be excluded from public affairs.  Their participation is biased, evil, and unwanted.

15. It’s a choice, not a baby.  A woman has complete legal rights over her own body.

16. Marriage is an evil institution that denies us sexual freedom.

17. We have yet to discover all the genders that exist, but we must try to find them and promote them to our children.

18. “Social justice” - which no one has yet to define in meaningful terms—must be achieved through struggle.

19. Human rights are the important rights.  Natural rights do not exist.

These are just a few of them. Each is a lie.  Each has become part of the fabric of daily life in these United States.  Each is proclaimed by our leaders, the major media, social media, and just about everything we see and hear.

It is all a counterfeit.  It has been carefully designed to confuse, disrupt, mislead, misinform,

Cover of Newsweek, 9 Feb 2009

and corrupt us.  Preaching the Narrative is the series of steps that will bring about the destruction of everything we hold dear.  Only then, say the Progressives, can we create the Utopia we have sought for nearly a century.  Only then can we usher in Marx’s great vision of the Revolution that will free all men from the shackles of oppression, capitalism, and government by the people.  Only when every aspect of our lives is carefully dictated to us and ingrained in our minds can we be truly free.  Only then will we not have to worry, because our government will care for our every need from cradle (should we live that long without being aborted first) to grave.

Underlying all of these lies, in addition to the two primary tenets mentioned above, is the great principle by which Progressivism can triumph:

The end justifies the means.

That is the key.  Tear up the Constitution—but do it carefully and slowly by “legal” means. 

Destroy the Bill of Rights—but put a substitute in its place that sounds pleasing to the ears of the “victims.”

Replace God-given natural rights with government-granted human rights—and declare that we can now be free because we have established compensation for all the “deserving” factions in our society.

Destroy religious faith—widely publicize and promote numerous atheists and philosophers, along with psychologists and others who teach us that keeping commandments restricts our freedoms.

Destroy morality, decency, common sense, integrity, and good faith dealing—put in place leaders who are corrupt, vicious, self-serving, venal, immoral, and, in many instances, criminal.  These people we look up to will be our examples.  If they can lead such corrupt lives, why shouldn’t we? Lie, cheat, and steal, for tomorrow we die.  Have pleasure today and don’t count the cost, for tomorrow will never come.


What can we do to re-enshrine truth and correct principles?

We must not permit ourselves to succumb to the evil influences of the Narrative.  We need to live our faith, keep God’s commandments, and be good examples of what men and women were intended to be.  We should talk with our neighbors, friends, and co-workers, and reaffirm the basic values we know to be true.  We can offer advice and counsel based upon truth.  Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow, especially to one who has a great need for repentance, but ultimately it leads to the only solution that works.

Our freedom must include shrugging off all forms of bondage, whether financial, emotional, or spiritual.  We should begin with ourselves in making the world a better place.  As we continue that process of self-improvement we should widen our circle of influence to include our families, our friends, and all those we know.

Our task is to maintain what we have left of our society while ensuring that our children and grandchildren are properly educated in the principles of freedom.  The next challenge is helping the people around us understand that there are solutions.  Those solutions will work when we “sing off the same sheet of music,” understand what we are about, and pursue a course that will restore our freedoms.

It all begins with you and me.

Will You Help Save Our Country?

Charles W. Kraut
















[1] Each article in the series, edited for my website, is available on  Click on the Articles tab to see the entire list.

[2] See The Imperial Cruise by James Bradley for details

[3] See Woodrow Wilson and The Progressive Era by Arthur S. Link.

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