Charles W. Kraut

Former Candidate for President of the United States in the 2020 Election Cycle

Position Paper

7 January 2020

The United States of America has the finest form of government ever envisioned by the mind of man.  The blessings of freedom under our Constitution and our capitalist system have enabled hundreds of millions to seek their own destiny as citizens in a republic whose sole charge is to protect their rights.

That was the ideal.  That was what the Founding Fathers envisioned.  However, starting around 1900, America embarked upon a different path.

My years of research have demonstrated conclusively that America is in the midst of its greatest crisis.  This crisis is a massive, often behind-the-scenes conflict between the idea of freedom, natural rights, and the rule of law under our Constitution, and an insidious, highly toxic political and totalitarian philosophy called Progressivism.  Since the days of Teddy Roosevelt Progressivism has won one battle after another, undermining the very foundations of our constitutional republic.

The conservative movement, and groups like the Moral Majority and the Tea Party, have failed utterly even to slow the momentum of the Progressive onslaught.  Progressivism teaches that there is no truth, which means that there is no God. Look at the statistics regarding faith in America over the past fifty years.  Religious faith has been in a major retreat, surrendering more and more ground to Progressivism.

There are two primary reasons why America went down the wrong path, and both are reversible.

1.     We failed to live and act as self-governing, upright, moral, responsible citizens.

2.     We failed to ensure that we and our children were educated in the science of government.

I believe in truth.  I believe in God. I believe that Americans need to be awakened to the crisis we face, so that they may become informed about both our Constitution and Progressivism sufficiently to decide for themselves between the blessings of freedom or the horrors of the totalitarian welfare state.  The latter is unsustainable and will ultimately collapse, just as the Soviet Union did years ago.

As President I will encourage all Americans to become educated and get involved in the processes of government at all levels. I will promote the principles of our founding along with the essential morality and decency that make a constitutional republic possible.  I will do everything in my power to ensure that our children are properly taught what it is that has made and can continue to make America great.